EltaMD Skin Recovery System Trial Kit (4 piece – $60 Value)


An exclusive skin care set with gentle formulas to calm and even the skin.



Restore skin’s resilience with this exclusive EltaMD set. The Skin Recovery System Trial Kit includes a toner, moisturizer and serum, all powered by AAC Technology, which helps maintain hydrated and resilient skin. Ideal for calming and repairing stressed skin, this skin care trio is a must to maintain a hydrated, soft and even complexion.

Exclusive Skin Recovery System Trial Kit includes:

  • Skin Recovery Toner (1.62 fl. oz.): A gentle, fragrance-free facial toner that hydrates, calms and restores the skin
  • Skin Recovery Light Moisturizer (0.33 fl. oz.): A lightweight facial moisturizer that hydrates, softens and restores compromised skin
  • Skin Recovery Recovery Serum (0.33 fl oz): A facial serum that restores, calms and evens the skin
  • Pouch (1 piece)

Key Ingredients:

  • AAC Technology (Skin Recovery Toner, Skin Recovery Light Moisturizer and Skin Recovery Light Serum): comprised of three amino acids, they are the building blocks of peptides and proteins which are important in maintaining hydrated and resilient skin 
  • Arginine (Skin Recovery Light Moisturizer): natural moisturizing factor 
  • Taurine (Skin Recovery Light Serum): maintains skin homeostasis; helps skin recover from stress

Key Benefits: 

  • Helps to repair damaged skin barrier (Skin Recovery Toner)
  • Helps to minimize the risk of irritation (Skin Recovery Light Moisturizer)
  • Helps defend against free radical damage (Skin Recovery Recovery Serum)


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